#FreethePimple, the movement that motivates you to love your skin as it is


On many occasions we have given you dozens of tips and routine options for skin care to have a radiant and smooth skin; and as we have said before, we know very well that achieving a skin head, smooth and without any stain or imperfection is quite complicated.

That is why we have decided to share with you the other side of the coin, and it is that while it is clear that there is nothing wrong with dedicating time and money to our skin, it is also true that we must accept ourselves as we are, and for this we want to explain a little more about this topic.

The vast majority of girls suffer from acne

Girl with acne using the jade roller

You may already know it, since a large part of the population during their adolescence has acne, but some of those girls continue with this condition throughout their adulthood, so it becomes really uncomfortable.

It is difficult to show ourselves in front of others without a drop of makeup, and instead of doing our skin good by applying all those cosmetic products, we only take care of covering the pores and making the situation worse.

Many of us feel identified

Acne improvement process on a girl's face

Without a doubt, despite the fact that for some of the girls the time to suffer from acne is over, for many others it is something every day, so we want you to know the story of Lou Northcote and how it is that thanks to her we can begin to accept our skin as it is.

Lou dreamed of being a magazine model

Lou showing her face without makeup
At some point in our lives we always want to do something we can shine more than anyone, almost in the Hannah Montana style. In Lou’s case, she wanted to appear on the covers of magazines and since she was very young she had been dedicated to modeling; She is thin, tall and her skin “was” beautiful, but at 16 she began to suffer from acne.

Because of this, the agency she worked for fired her and told her to come back when her skin was clean, so Lou resorted to makeup on a daily basis, but instead of improving the appearance of the outbreaks it made everything worse.

And when it seemed that everything had improved, they offered him a place for the competition of The next best model, in Great Britain. The problem? There was a stage when I couldn’t wear any makeup.

And so it was born #FreethePimple

Free Pimples Hoodie

Just when Lou thought the acne was gone, it came back right during the competition, something completely uncomfortable and too discouraging. Her first challenge was showing herself in front of the cameras with zero makeup, and when she did she knew that hundreds of people would attack and offend her.

I thought: I’m going to post a photo of my acne and talk about my fight with him, and see if there is anyone else like me. I had a sweatshirt that said “Free The Pimple”, I took a selfie showing my face full of acne and shared it on Instagram.

—Lou Northcote

However, such negative comments never came; on the contrary, it seemed that Lou had encouraged all those girls and boys who also had acne to take a photo and upload it to their social networks under the hashtag of #FreethePimpleAnd that’s where he knew all the power he had and how he could use it.

Love your skin and its imperfections!

Girl with makeup on half of the face and the other half clean

Lou continued to upload information and photos about her acne, the good and the bad about it, giving it the importance it deserved, and all of that turned into a movement called Skinstagrams.

Similarly, he created an Instagram profile in which he shares the stories of those who have joined the community; In addition to it, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Lili Reinhart and Bella Thorne have accepted the movement and support it.

We should never love each other less for something like that

Skinstagrams positive message

Although it is true that acne is a problem that affects thousands, we must learn to live with it while having a solution to control it. If it is necessary to go to a dermatologist, it should be done without a doubt.

But we should not be ashamed of our appearance for it; on the contrary, embracing our insecurities and defects is the first step to increase our self-love, because if we don’t love ourselves, who else will?

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