Hello Kitty and Cathy Doll premiere makeup line and it has everything you’ve ever dreamed of!


Makeup lover and Hello Kitty fan? Well, you will love this because Cathy Doll has something very special for you; It is a collection in which the best of all is its affordable price, since each product is less than 200 Mexican pesos.

The Korean makeup brand was inspired by the Hello Kitty candy for its new collection, as we can not deny that the character is simply adorable, in addition to that each product is wonderful.

Just what we all needed!

Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty Collection

This collection called Cathy x Hello Kitty doll offers us a range of products that, in addition to being accessible, are beautiful. Among its products are: compact powder, blushes, lipsticks, lip and cheek inks and eyebrow pencil.

Ready to collect them all?

Lipstick matte effect

Lipsticks from the Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty collection

If you love the matte effect, it will be your favorite, in addition to its tones, they are ideal for any skin tone; You can find it in 4 different shades: Cherry bomb, Halabong sorbet, Dried persimmon and Fresh berry.

Airy Lip Blur

Airy Lip Blur from the Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty collection

If you want a different effect on your lips, rest assured that this product will fascinate you; find it in its 4 different shades: Pink rose, Peach rose, Sun Rose and Red rose.

Compact dust

Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty Collection Compact Powder

Say goodbye to facial glitters, this compact powder is ideal to finish them off, and your presentation will make you fall in love.

Inks for lips and cheeks

Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty Collection Lip and Cheek Ink

For a flirtatious and warm touch, the inks are perfect, in addition to being highly durable, easy to use and, above all, beautiful; You can find them in 4 different tones: Punch, Carrot, Nut and Red ribbon.

Eyebrow pencil

Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty Collection Eyebrow Pencil

Steal glances and frame your face with this magnificent product, it is easy to use and you will get an amazing effect in no time. Choose one of its 2 available tones: Soft brown Dark brown.


Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty Collection Blush

If you love that rosy hue on the cheeks but still haven’t mastered the ink technique, you shouldn’t worry, as Cathy Doll has 3 different compact blush shades that are just spectacular: Frozen strawberry (shine effect), Frozen Peach (glitter effect), and Choco Cherry (matte effect).

You can buy the collection here, since its sale so far is exclusive. What are you waiting for?

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