Hospital seeks volunteers to hug premature babies


There are a high number of babies that come into the world at seven or eight months. Her care is special, and not only in the medical aspect but also in the emotional one.

Premature babies are more vulnerable, their bodies take longer to develop, and they need warmth to feel like they are in the womb. Although incubators help in the process, it is best to have human warmth, as no machine is capable of replacing that feeling of love and security transmitted by mom, essential for human development.

Get ready for a hug session!

These babies need to feel love, human contact, and a soft voice to comfort them when they are in pain. Parents feel better knowing that even when they can’t be there, someone is rocking and hugging their baby.

—Mary Ann Malloy, Chief of Nursing, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Aware that the parents of the little ones cannot be with them 24/7 due to their jobs or because they have more children, Saint Boniface General Hospital in Canada is looking for volunteers to hug babies.

The place already has the support of 350 people who have donated more than 50 thousand hours of hugs to this noble cause.

Hugs are the best balm

Couple hugging their newborn baby

A hug stimulates the release of oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone,” which produces a state of well-being.

Therefore, hugs and physical contact make babies recover in a short time and without the need to supply large amounts of medications.

All babies need love

But not only premature babies receive hugs. The little ones who suffer from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (SAN) because their mothers consumed narcotics during pregnancy, are also comforted with the power of a hug.

They need to feel love, a hug that makes them feel loved. You feel helpless when babies are inconsolable and alone, but volunteers help us heal their hearts and provide them with security.

If you want to be a volunteer, you only have to send a request expressing your reasons to the email indicated here.

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