Jump rope and get firm and round glutes


Do you want to get nice buttocks but it gives you a lot of laziness? We have the solution here, and it is to jump rope. This activity is fun, it keeps you active, and you will get a great butt-focused job. All you need is a rope! Ready?

This simple routine will only take you 10 minutes, but don’t underestimate it because if you follow it, you will achieve big changes in your body.

A little warm-up

Illustration of woman jumping rope Jump rope with both feet together. The ankles and knees should be relaxed; Try to keep it as fast and smooth as possible for five minutes.

Now yes, to begin

Illustration of woman doing squat with arms in frontYou only need to alternate 30 seconds of rope, then 30 squats, and 30 seconds of rest to complete the 10 minutes. If you wish, and you have more condition, you can do up to 20 minutes.

Increase the difficulty

Blond woman jumping rope with black shorts

If you are already used to jumping rope, try lifting one knee and then another to increase the effort. Squats try to do them with a little weight on your arms before going down.

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