Make coconut milk yourself – the exotic plant drink


What’s the best vegan substitute for cream? If you ask me, definitely Coconut milk. The drink made from the tropical stone fruit has a great creaminess that sweet and savory dishes to a nice smoothness and aromatic note helps. Whether curry, pudding, yoghurt, cake or soup – you can really use the milk substitute for every culinary pleasure. And ever since I found out how easy it is for me to drink plant-based drinks do it Yourself can, the cans no longer come into my house. All you need is coconut flakes or chips, water and a pinch of salt. In addition, a mixer or a practical plant milk maker.

By the way: coconut milk is loud EU regulation the only milk alternative that doesn’t have to be called a drink when it comes to trading. Why? The EU has decided that coconut milk is a very traditional food and not a new type of milk substitute. We should chirp soy milk and almond milk, which have also been consumed for centuries.

Extra tip

We prepared this milk with a vegetable milk maker. But you can also use a blender. Use 100 g coconut flakes in 1 liter of warm water, mix everything well and then pass the mixture with a nut milk bag.

Preparation steps

Pour all ingredients into the mixing chamber of the almond milk maker, nuts Select mode and 600 ml as the required amount and click begin to press.

Allow coconut milk to cool and pour through a nut milk bag.

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