Make gluten-free pasta yourself | gluten-free pasta dough


You want a big plate full of you gluten free pasta? Ideally, they should hardly differ in taste from classic pasta made from durum wheat semolina, wheat flour and egg? Nothing easier than that with your automatic pasta machine! Nina fulfills your individual pasta wishes at the push of a button. Regardless of whether you want to conjure up gluten-free noodles, beetroot penne or udon noodles – you decide on the ingredients and types of pasta. Your kitchen hero will do it fully automatic preparation to you! Thanks to a mix of Cornmeal, Rice flour, Tapioca sauces, Guar gum and water Despite gluten intolerance, you never have to go without pasta enjoyment.

Gluten-free pasta dough for manual pasta machines

Preparation steps

Mix the corn flour, rice flour, tapioca starch and guar gum (or xanthan gum) in a bowl.

Mix dry ingredients

Put dry ingredients into the pasta machine and run the program Simple pasta choose.


As soon as the automatic pasta machine starts to knead, add the water through the filling slot.


Shorten the served gluten-free pasta to the desired length.

Gluten-free pasta from an electric pasta machine
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