Meet Ivis Lenin, the designer behind Miss Universe Andrea Meza’s red dress


Andrea Meza Carmona became the third Mexican to receive the Miss Universe title and she did so wearing a majestic red dress that left everyone present at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida totally surprised.

Andrea’s dress was not created by a world famous brand such as Chanel, Valentino or Alexander McQueen, but by Ivis Lenin Ayala Pacheco from Michoacán. This is all you have to know about him and his creations.

He is the creator of Andrea’s red dress

Ivis Lenin designer of Andrea Meza's dress

Ivis is originally from Italy, but from a very young age he has lived in Michoacán, Mexico. Actually she is a teacher, she studied a degree in Education, but due to the lack of work in this area, she preferred to undertake in the world of fashion, since creating clothes is one of her great passions.

Since its beginnings in fashion, it has specialized in making impressive gala dresses and dressing the representatives of both national and international beauty pageants.

In 2020, Lenin’s work made it to New York Fashion Week with a collection inspired by monarch butterflies, which incidentally was met with rave reviews. Since then he has focused on teaching and demonstrating the beauty of his work, which represents his place of origin.

He worked together with the new Miss Universe

Andrea Meza parading in a red dress in Miss Universe

Ivis used nearly 40,000 Swarovski crystals to create the stunning mermaid-style piece that the contestant wore during the coronation. In addition, the fringes and the stole at the back were designed by both to provide a mesmerizing movement every time Andrea took a step.

This is not the only pageant dress


The Michoacan has also designed garments for the Mexicana Universal Michoacán and Miss Michoacán pageants. In addition, he has worked with queens such as Melissa Flores, Cinthya de la Vega and Melissa Quintero.

I am an example that shows the world that if you fight for what you want, you can achieve it. There are no impossibilities in life.

Andrea reflected her essence with the dress

Andrea Meza parading in a red dress in Miss Universe

During an interview for the magazine PeopleThe engineer also revealed that all her costumes were made by Mexican hands, because she wanted everyone to see her roots, her essence and the talent that exists in her country.

For me, fashion, everything I wear, represents my essence, what I am to convey what I really am, but it should never overshadow the person who wears it. That is the fundamental rule.

Among the 50 changes of clothing that the Mexican representative brought to the contest were creations by designers such as Lydia Lavín, Edgar Lozzano, Tete Rosado, Flor Campos and David Arreola. But without a doubt, her main weapon to win the contest, in addition to her intelligence and beauty, was to wear the dress safely, as this demonstrated that her feminine superpower was determination.

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