People with ugly handwriting are smarter than the rest: study


Before you compare yourself or torture yourself for writing your notes in ugly handwriting, you should know that this trait is a sign of superior intelligence. No, we are not kidding.

In a study carried out at the University of Illinois, in the United States, it was detected that people with distorted handwriting think faster than their hands move, so there is not as much precision when writing and, even, these subjects tend to use and even create your own abbreviations.

Girl writing on a notebook; People with 'ugly handwriting' are smarter than the rest study

But this is not the only study that suggests that ugly handwriting is a sign of intelligence and mental agility. Researchers at Yale University, in Connecticut, United States, found that handwriting reveals extremely important information about the connection between the physical and psychological processes of each individual. In addition, they revealed that students who obtain better grades from primary to university tend to write their notes and tests with ugly handwriting and with small paragraphs or sentences. They also highlighted that in these cases, despite the fact that the calligraphy is not the most beautiful, the spelling is correct.

Girl sitting on a bench writing on a paper; People with 'ugly handwriting' are smarter than the rest study

The next time you write your notes by hand, remember that your handwriting is not ugly, but a trait of your intelligence.

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