Sephora and Stabilo surprise us with eyeliners in the form of text marks


Do you love a perfect line and you are also the girl with the down in college? Well this is for you, because Sephora and Stabilo came together to create something different, unique and special for those of us who love to look cute and have perfect notes.

And it is that this collection will make the makeup experience as good and relaxing as the lettersIn addition to that your gaze will be the center of attention of the place where you are.

Something charming and that surprised us

Girl wearing eyeliner from collection

We know well that trends change, but something that we will always want is to have an impact look, and what better way to do it than with an outlined “superchic” and above all that lasts all day.

And that’s exactly what Sephora did, as she teamed up with Stabilo to create a new collection of eyeliners, with which you will not only steal glances, but will also remind you of the best moments of your student days.

They are simply fascinating!

Eyeliner Tracing

The collection is called Sephora X Stabilo, and it gave a whole different twist to everything we know about eye markers.

For Sephora contributed his experience on pigmentation, duration and colors, while Stabilo contributed his famous packaging that we all already know, because their marks are famous all over the world and without a doubt they are the favorites of many of us.

Get to know them and fall in love with them

Eyeliner shade name

The new collection promises high coverage, intense colors and high durability throughout the day, characteristics that without a doubt we all look for in makeup.

Unlike what we usually see by Stabilo, this collection of eyeliners has classic colors instead of the striking tones and pastel shades that we usually see in the famous brand’s marks.

And although we were surprised that the allies will bet on these shades, we must admit that the four shades are quite successful, and these are brown, gray, blue and black.

Ready to assemble the new look?

Now more than ever is when we must practice all the new makeup techniques, so if you want to become a master in the outline you can buy the collection by clicking here.

Try new techniques, alternate tones and achieve amazing results.

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