The 15 best foods to end anxiety and insomnia


In the last few weeks it is likely that many of us began to experience anxiety and insomnia, basically we have attributed it to the drastic change in routine that quarantine has brought into our lives.

But believe it or not, there are ways that can help you control these two situations, and best of all, it is by consuming natural foods, so take note and I hope they help you.

one) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha root

This root has been used in traditional Indian medicine for over 3 thousand years. It helps combat sleep disorders, thus preventing you from stressing out. One way to use it is to grind the root and add a pinch or two to your dinner foods, and you will see how falling asleep will be easier.

2. Lavender

Lavender oil

Lavender has many benefits such as fighting anxiety, depression and digestive problems. There are two ways to use it to combat anxiety; the first is by drinking a cup of lavender tea, and the second is by placing a few drops of essential oil in the humidifier; this way you will relax.

3. Almonds

Almonds in a bowl

Almonds are rich in magnesium, so they help to relax muscles thus reducing anxiety and stress, so eat some just before bed and you will notice that your sleep is deeper and without interruptions.

4. Greek yogurt

Plain greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is known to be better than normal yogurt, providing more protein and less sugar. It also contains tryptophan, which helps people suffering from insomnia, and one of the effects of calcium is to eliminate stress and fall asleep.

5. Bee honey

Bee honey in glass container

Consuming bee honey, in addition to being rich, is good for health, since it reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, and having glucose allows the body to stop being awake and therefore reduces anxiety.

6. Banana

Believe it or not, banana is believed to be the best natural sleeping pill, because thanks to its tryptophan and melatonin content, it helps induce sleep and balances its cycles, as well as relaxing muscles.

7) Golden milk

Golden milk drink in a bowl

Surely you know it and if not, you should try it because it is a delicious drink, ideal for before bed that will allow you to relax, in addition to providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Learn how to make it and fall in love with its flavor.

8. Chamomile tea

It can be taken hot, warm or cold. It is excellent at reducing stress, nerves and anxiety, so the best time to consume it is just before bed; It will give you a smooth and natural sedative effect for a better rest.

9. Popcorn

Homemade popcorn

I think you did not expect this one, and that is that the popcorn is rich in tryptophan, they induce sleep and relax you. I recommend that you choose to make your popcorn at home, so that it will be even healthier.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal with milk and cinnamon

Consuming oats, in addition to making you feel satiated provides serotonin, which induces a calm state in your body.

11. Whole grains

Spoons with whole grains

It can be wheat, oat or linseed seeds; The best way to consume them is to accompany your yogurt, so that they will help you in the quality of your sleep.

12. Cherries

Natural cherries

These fruits are rich in melatonin, which allows our bodies to rest better, so eat some and relax.

13. Dates

Dates in a bowl

These fruits are rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. They help in relaxation and proper functioning of the nervous system, helping to calm stress.

14. Yucca


In addition to giving us a feeling of satiety after ingesting it, it induces the sensation of insulin, helping in relaxation, reducing anxiety and, above all, promoting better sleep.

15. chocolate

Dark chocolate bar

It helps to reduce cortisol levels in our system, it reduces anxiety and it produces a happiness effect on our being. Remember that if you eat it, it must be at least 70 percent cocoa.

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