The flamingo floats already have a GIANT version; We demand poolparty!


With the arrival of the heat it is very easy to start planning everything you will do during the holidays. But the most beloved destination for all people will always be where there is water, not only because it refreshes you, makes you feel at peace and even allows you to swim to exercise, but because you can proudly boast a gigantic unicorn-shaped float and Flemish. Yes, you read that right.

If you plan to go on vacation, now you can go to some giant rafts in the form of animals, which are absolutely incredible, to enjoy a break with your friends while everyone is floating in the middle of a pool, lake or the beach.

If last year you wanted to have a photo like that on Instagram

Inflatable flamingo

Or better yet, posing on an inflatable with your friends while on vacation

Girls on a flamingo inflatable

The Sam’s Club store launched these huge and cute rafts to the market

Giant Unicorn Float

They come in a unicorn or flamingo shape and can hold up to six people!

Giant flamingo float

They even come with integrated cup holders

Cup holder for a giant unicorn float

But that’s not all, there is also a huge peacock! Without cup holders, of course

Giant float in the form of a peacock

The best thing is that you can buy them here

Giant Unicorn Float

Can you imagine all the fun they will give your summer and that of your friends?

Giant Unicorn Float

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