The paper-bag pants are here and will be your favorites


Surely you have seen them several times on the street or with some fashion bloggerYes! We refer to the paper bag pants, those wide pants that follow the same line as those mom jeans because they are also high waisted. They almost always come with a belt to dramatically tighten the waist to the body and give that wrinkled impression like a paper bag.

In fact, the word paper bag It means just that: paper bag, what an inspiration for a garment! The truth is that they look very elegant and with them you will definitely not go unnoticed at all; they give you a chic air as few garments will. Do you want to use them but don’t know how? Check out some ideas:

You can use them formally

Blonde woman with purple paper bag pants

Or totally carefree

Girl posing with black and white check paper bag pants

This type of pants will not leave you bad at important events

Woman leaning on a sofa with pink blouse and paper bag pants

You can use it even in job interviews

Standing blonde woman posing in white circle blouse and plaid paper bag pants

See how it works a basic blouse

Black and long hair brunette woman in yellow blouse with striped paper bag pants

You will look elegant 24/7

Short hair woman in white blouse and gray paper bag pants

Not with Converse does it stop looking chic

Slim long hair woman in white blouse and brown paper bag pants with black converse

And for sunny days they are a should

Girl in hat and sunglasses with black jacket on shoulders and striped paper bag pants

The leather jacket finally has another partner other than your pants

Stylish grunge girl in black top and pink paper bag pants with dr martens boots

Give it a touch grunge with boots

Stylish grunge girl in black top and pink paper bag pants with dr martens boots

Cool and casual to go for a coffee

Blonde girl in sunglasses with white top and beige paper bag pants with a coffee in hand

Or an outing with you Special person

Blonde woman posing in the middle of the street with gray alter blouse and black leather bag paper bag pants

You find them with a wide finish too

Blonde girl in white blouse and wide paper bag pants with snake print

Comfortable without looking messy

Girl with chongo and large leggings with gray tank top and black paper bag pants

A style glam rock very well balanced

Blonde girl walking down the street with black jacket and yellow paper bag pants

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