These adidas Stan Smith sneakers are everything you and your child will want


It is always a good time to cuddle the little ones in the house, and why not? Yourself! As with this collection of adidas Stan Smith from Disney that is the best.

As you see it, the line features Kermit the Frog and other characters with a lot of style. The best of all? Each model is made with recycled materials to take care of the planet.

1. René the Frog will accompany the little ones

Adidas clothing and footwear line, Stan Smith Disney; white and green sneakers with Kermit the Frog print

The days should start with strong and joyful steps, and these adidas Stan Smith shoes are ideal for putting a smile on children’s faces and comfort on their feet due to their soft exterior. Besides, his style combines with any look that you take out of the closet. Kermit will be her best company because she taught us that even though being green is not easy, it is always important to remain ourselves.

These beautiful shoes are made with Primegreen, a high-performance fabric created with recycled materials; and you can get it here.

2. Help the planet with a sweatshirt

Who would say that a sweatshirt could make a big difference to the conservation of the Earth? Well, thanks to adidas this is possible. This off-white crew neck hoodie with a megalindo print is made with organic cotton to stop plastic contamination.

Join the team of Kermit the Frog and Stan Smith visiting is the link and acquiring it.

3. May game time never end

Disney adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes, white with green stripes

What do you get when you mix Stan Smith sneakers, Kermit the Frog and your little adventurer? A dream come true! These sneakers will make him look retro, and his favorite frog will encourage him to be ready for any challenge: game time, dance time, or just laugh non-stop with you. Great adventures require tennis to match.

This product is made with vegan and recycled materials as part of adidas’ commitment to living greener. Click on this link and fall in love with them.

4. Be just as awesome as the Hulk

Adidas clothing and footwear line, Stan Smith Disney; off-white Marvel Hulk green print crew neck sweatshirt or hoodie with hat

The Hulk may be big, very strong and green, but he is no monster, although sometimes he has his temper and destroys things in his path. The truth is that this superhero has managed to win our hearts.

Be just as amazing as this Marvel character and feel the softness and comfort of organic cotton just by giving click here. Besides, imagine all the fabulous outfits that you can put together!

5. Paint your life green

Adidas clothing and footwear line, Stan Smith Disney; white and green sneakers with Kermit the Frog print

Stan gave us the classic style that goes with everything, and when we say with everything, it really is with EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to spend hours in the closet looking at what to wear to your little one. Put on shorts, jeans, a jumpsuit and any garment will look great with these shoes and the green amphibian.

Become the best friends of René the Frog and help the planet and all the frogs in the world by being fashionable with this model chic tan.

6. The most adorable dinosaur

Adidas clothing and footwear line, Stan Smith Disney; Rex from Toy Story green print crew neck sweatshirt or hoodie with hat in off-white

The least terrifying and most adorable dinosaur arrived in the form of a sweatshirt to hug you with its soft organic cotton fabric. Rex, from “Toy Story”, will give you all the warmth and comfort you need in your day to day.

What are you waiting for? Enters just here and ask your sweatshirt by adidas in a beautiful off-white so you can dress up in Disney magic.

adidas joins the conservation of the planet

For adidas it is important to do its bit in conserving the environment so that we have a beautiful planet for many, many more years. That is why this line of clothing and footwear is so special, because it is made with materials such as Primegreen and organic cotton that greatly reduce plastic pollution.

Become a green person and dress in fashion with these products cold what can you find in Liverpool. The best thing is that your little one can accompany you on this path.

adidas inspires young creators

Disney's adidas Stan Smith, Design Your Green Contest!

These incredible Disney designs did not come alone, as adidas and Liverpool made possible a contest for everyone to join the cause of caring for the planet: Stan Smith: Design your Greens! your imagination to create cool pieces from recycled materials. The best of two worlds!

Leslie Rico, a student at the Edith Martin Superior Fashion Center, was the winner for her zero waste suits in which he proposed using nopal skin and recycled fibers such as nylon, cotton and polyester to create chic garments that we all want to wear because they are avant-garde and sustainable.

Disney's adidas Stan Smith, Design Your Green Contest!

Leslie Rico’s talents and skills coupled with adidas’ commitment have shown that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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