This is how blue light from screens could be damaging your skin


We know that we have to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from UV rays and avoid some skin diseases. However, there is another light agent that could be damaging it without us noticing. It is the blue light or high-energy visible light, emitted by cell phone screens, televisions, computers and fluorescent bulbs.

Below we explain more about it and we give you simple and practical advice to decrease the damage emitted by this light. Your skin will benefit the most.

How does it affect your skin?

girl holding a cellphone with blue light in her hands

This blue light has a longer wavelength than UV rays, this means that it penetrates deeper into each pore of the skin, forming a large amount of free radicals.

In turn, these radicals attack collagen and elastin, causing the loss of elasticity and firmness, which at first glance leads to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.

Fight damage in an instant

Girl sitting in front of her laptop

Give yourself a digital detox

Try to spend as little time in front of screens as possible. Try other types of activities that are not related to technology, such as going for a walk, exercising, reading or even knitting.

Use sunscreen 24/7

Even if you do not go outside, it is necessary to use sunscreen. This product should be a fundamental part of your beauty routine. If you want this to have better results on your skin, remember to go to a dermatologist to prescribe a suitable option.

Make filters your best company

If for one reason or another it is impossible for you to reduce the use of the screens, then try to invest in a filter or screen protector, as these are specially designed to block blue light.

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