Women feel colder than men and this is why


Does your boyfriend call you exaggerated for being cold even if you are wearing a sweater, jacket and scarf? During the winter it has happened to more than one of us that our hands are more frozen than Antarctica, regardless of whether we wear all the warm clothes in our wardrobe.

You are not pretending or exaggerating, it is normal that you feel colder than men. According to a study conducted by the University of Oregon, these are some of the reasons why this happens.

Our body is very different from theirs

The metabolism of women is much slower than that of men, this means that the male sex processes the calories it needs to stay warm much faster, while ours performs this task more slowly, which causes us to delay more in warming us up.

Muscle mass does matter

Girl wearing winter clothes on a snowy day

It is true that body temperature is the same in both sexes, but men have greater muscle mass than we do. We tend to be small compared to them and having less mass, the acquired heat is lost more quickly and this makes us feel colder.

The menstrual cycle also interferes

Woman wearing winter clothes on a snowy day

Another reason why they believe that we exaggerate when we say that it is very cold is because of the hormonal changes that our menstrual cycle causes, since days before and during the period, our body temperature drops. This is due to the loss of blood that we have, so it is completely normal to feel colder than normal.

There are little tricks to keep us warm

Girl wearing winter clothes in winter

Although it seems almost impossible, there are several activities we can do to keep ourselves warm and without having to shiver all day. Here are some of them:

  • Do exercise: Yes, it does not sound fun, especially since it involves wearing sports clothing, but by keeping our body active, it is easier to keep warm, since we will be increasing our muscle mass.
  • Eat well: Eating a balanced diet is not only good for being in shape or avoiding gastrointestinal problems, it also helps maintain healthy digestion, which causes our body to generate heat in the body.
  • Hydrate all day: It is perhaps the hardest thing to do in winter. Despite the low temperatures, our body needs water to function optimally. Drink water at time or warm. In addition, you can include hot infusions.
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